Suqian Unitecommerce Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Main Products:plastic addtiveslight stabilizersuv stabilizersantioxidantsuv absorbersuv masterbatcheschemical intermediatesplastic anti-ageing additivesinhibitors

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Suqain Unitecommerce Co.,ltd is a wholly-owed subsidiary company of Suqian Unitechem Group.It is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise with independent import and export qualification.Specialized in import and export business of Light Stabilizers,UV Absorbers,Antioxidants,Flame Retardant,Light Stabilizer intermediate,Anti-aging Masterbatch and related products. Suqian Unitechem Group Company did further research and development, design and production, service foreign trade to the traditional products light stabilizers, antioxidants, UV absorbers, flame retardants, light stabilizer intermediates and other related products.The main products capability is as follows: Light stabilizer 770 (8000 tons/year), light stabilizer 622 (8000 tons/year),light stabilizer 944 (10,000tons/year) ,TMP(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinol) (10000 tons/year), TAA(Triacetonamine)(15000 tons/year), light stabilizer 119(3000 tons/year),light stabilizer 2020 (3000 tons/year),light stabilizer 783(4500tons/year),light stabilizer 3853(4000 tons/year), Antioxidant product include : Antioxidant 3114, 1098, 1010, 168,1076,B215,B225, UV absorber product include : UV 326,UV 328,UV 329,UV 234,UV 292, UV 123,UV 1130 Suqain Unitecommerce strive to maintain a full range of quality service sprite.So far,we have already supply our product and service to domestic,Europe,America,the Middle East,Southeast Asia and other more than 30 countries and regions. We enjoyed the reputation among major enterprises in plastic industry and won a wide praise.We believe that Unitecommerce will be reputed name with the joint efforts of the companies of the Unitechem Group.

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